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OBJECT # SQN1-F2 B by Zhang Zhoujie 

Minimal polygon chair:

Date : August 2011

Description : The B variant chair falls between the A and C variants in terms of composition, with a mix of sharp angles and resolved element flow. Its back starts from the same point, like an explosion creating its radical flared shape.

Stainless steel (Titanium version available)
Weight limited 100KG
Limited Edition in 12



Ceramic art by Jenni Ward

“My work focuses on how organic forms interact and engage with the space they encompass. I create abstract arrangements reflecting the biological world of seeds, pollens, bones, shells and entomology. My pieces explore the tensions of opposing forces with results that evoke contrary feelings of unshackled captivity, organized randomness and the density of negative space.”


Rebecca Stevenson - Pastorale, 2006 - wax


Vincent Mauger.

 Huge grey polystyrene bottle rack sculpture created by contemporary artist Vincent Mauger (Born in 1976 in Rennes, France).


Horrach Moya’s miniature trees show the beauty of the whole tree, even the parts that are usually hidden from sight.

Canvas  by  andbamnan